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Create Architectural images
from text, image, sketch in under a minute

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Our Architectural AI model
is specifically trained using Architecutral images.

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About JL-EasyAI Architectural Images

Our ArchiGen platform allows you to create architectural images with quality and precision. Dive deeper into the world of architectural design with cutting-edge enhancing AI models.

From Concept Sketch to Visualization

From the initial concept sketch to the detailed final visualization, ArchiGen transforms your architectural aspirations into tangible realities, bringing every architectural dream to life.

Style, LoRA Preset

Drawing from Junglim's expansive 70-year collection of architectural designs, the integrated LoRA styles offer users an effortless journey through styles. With just a click, explore from classic to contemporary, connecting with decades of architectural excellence.

Utilizing Control-net

Our advanced AI system, utilize ControlNet, transforms sketches into high-quality architectural images in mere moments. The transformation process utilizes cutting-edge algorithms and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the highest quality output.